Saturday, 10 November 2012

The healing power of pets.

I couldnt write a blog about Roshni's homeschooling without mentioning her best homeschooling friend, Biba.
Biba is a German shepherd cross who we rescued as a puppy. She is now a year old and is R's best friend.
Whenever R feels upset, angry, frustrated or confused a hug from Biba seems to be all thats needed to heal her soul.
The above picture was taken during R's last days of school when she had completed her exams. She was in such a rush to tell Biba that exams were over that she didnt even get changed out of her school uniform before playing with her beloved pet.
We all experience times as parents when we are at a loss as to how to help our children. When they are emotional, especially when the child has difficulty in expressing their feelings. Sometimes kids just dont have the words to describe how they feel.  A hug, some quiet time and reassurance is often what is needed, but if the child is very sensitive it can be quite difficult for them to move on. For me, its at times like this when Biba comes to my rescue.
Some time spent with Biba seems to erase all of R's worries.
Animals have presence and children connect with them naturally when a healthy attitude towards animals is fostered by the parents.
I feel having a pet enriches a childs life immensely and allows an opportunity for the child to initiate communication and healing for themselves.
If your child is asking for a pet you should be sure to choose carefully, taking into consideration your home environment and be sure that the child understands that any animal requires a commitment from them for their daily care. You should also consider the financial implications of owning a pet.
Having a pet can be rewarding for the whole family but children are the ones who will reap the most benefits.
We would not be without Biba and we cant imagine life without her now. She is with us to stay and is R's forever friend.


  1. oh that is so true and i completely understand where you come from , having a pet myself and a wonderful one :) it brought tears to my eyes Claira , thanks for sharing xxxx

    1. Thankyou Sophie. I remember you getting your beautiful greyhound.Im sure he makes a wonderful pet.Im pleased you liked the post. xxx

  2. Hi C, loving your blog...can't wait for the next & hugs to all xxx

    1. Thankyou Romy. Thought you would like this post. Miss you xx