Sunday, 9 December 2012

Vocational learning

R has been asking for a baby brother or sister recently. Its not going to happen, so I found her the next best thing. A babysitting job!
For the last 2 months, 3 mornings a week, R and I have been helping out with taking care of a neighbour's small baby.
I would like to share with you our experience, in particular R's experience.
Taking care of a baby is a huge responsibility and not to be taken lightly. Knowing how R takes everything she does seriously ,I knew she would commit herself fully to the undertaking and do whatever was required to the best of her ability.
R started out with relatively no experience in babycare. Memories of her little sister being a baby are distant now and so I knew it would take her some time to build up her confidence.

For a couple of weeks she watched me do everything. I waited patiently. I knew the day would come when she would ask if she could do something. Holding the baby came first. Then helping to change a nappy swiftly followed by undressing and dressing the baby. Feeding and winding him then measuring and making up the bottle.
I can honestly say that now R  not only knows how to take care of a baby, but is confident, happy and comfortable doing so. Not only has the experience been a joyful one but she has learned a lot about herself. She has learned responsibility and to trust herself . She has grown in capability and confidence. She has contributed something worthwhile to another human being, made a lasting impression on a whole family and provided lasting memories for a baby who shall one day become an adult and ask about his childhood.
Soon we have to say goodbye to our baby friend, as he will be leaving Goa. We always knew he was only here for a short time, nevertheless it will be hard to say goodbye. Maybe there is another lesson still to be learned...letting go of our attachments.

So conclusion - vocational learning in a job you are interested in and passionate about, even at 9 years of age - successful and definately worthwhile.
 I wonder where R's interests will take us next! Watch this space to find out!

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  1. Love your blog. So very different in India, than in US. Keep posting, I'll keep reading;)