Thursday, 17 January 2013

Shooting for the stars!

Since she was five years old R has regularly taken part in film shoots for TV commercials and still shoots for advertising and brochures.
 It is something which she increasingly enjoys and wants to do more of. At the beginning I was skeptical about letting her do this but with experience I have recognised the benefits. R is naturally shy and is often found working behind the scenes on any group project. However she actually has a great desire to be recognised and loves a chance to shine. During a shoot you are guaranteed a moment or several in the spotlight. You are given multiple chances of getting it right and the end reward is to see yourself on TV or in a magazine and recognition from others too. On the day you are treated well, you get your hair and makeup done by a professional and you have your own stylist. What more could any little girl want?
It goes without saying that you have to be picky about which shoots you accept. I generally ask firstly where the shoot will take place, how long is it expected to last and what will my child be expected to do?
Transport, meals and payment per day are given as standard. I always accompany R to a shoot and stay with her throughout the day.
There is a lot to be learned from the priviledge of being behind the scenes at a shoot and generally the crew are open, friendly and great with kids.

R enjoys seeing how outfits are selected and put together, how models are transformed with hairstyling and makeup and then how they perform in front of the camera. In between her shots she sits at the back of the crew taking the shot and watches on the computer screen as the shots are taken live and then edited. Its interesting to see how scenery is set up, lighting arranged and how problems are solved often quickly and often ingeniously under pressure.
I have watched with pride as R has progressed from being cast as the shy,sweet little one to being the main model, showing all her confidence and maturity that has been gained through her experience over the years. I anticipate many more film shoots ahead, not because Im a pushy mum who wants her child to be famous but because R herself feels that she is learning something about herself and the world through this experience. Watching professionals at work and being an important component in a production, knowing that they are relying on you to do a good job as much as you are relying on them teaches responsibilty, team work and accountibilty and seeing the end result boost self confidence. For as long as she finds it beneficial we shall continue with the shoots. It may or may not become a career but the exposure, experience and memories are something she will keep forever.

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