Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cooking school

R always wants to help me in the kitchen as Im sure most kids do. Her interest in cooking though extends to her watching cookery programs on TV, and spending her hard earned pocket money on cookery books. More recently she has begun making simple dishes for herself with minimal help eg omelette and toast, noodles, french toast etc. But she wants to learn more so I enrolled us both on a one day Goan cookery course.
On the course, run by a lovely lady called Mutki , we learned to make three dishes and two types of indian bread.
Directed by Mutki we prepared and cooked all the ingredients ourselves and in between we made notes of recipes and methods in a notebook.

We both learned a great deal and enjoyed the experience thoroughly.

As well as cooking the dishes we tasted them too and believe me they were delicious!
So excited was R about her new found knowledge that on the way home we had to stop to buy the ingredients to make the dishes all over again at home!
For lunch today she single handedly prepared cooked and served for herself and I Palak paneer and chapatis. This evening she has planned Dal fry, mushroom masala with aloo parathas. Not bad for a nine year old.
Now whos a lucky mummy!


  1. wow what a lucky mom you are ! i cant believe she spends her pocket money on cook books , thats awesome ! well done roshni i hope i get to eat one of your meals someday :)
    claira you are doing such a good job with homeschooling xxx

    1. Thanks Sophie for all your support. It makes a real difference. Pls message me with an update from your side when u get time. xx