Friday, 5 July 2013

Learning environments

Have your kids ever surprised you by telling you an amazing fact  that you didnt know yourself?
eg 'All polar bears are left handed.' 'Dolphins can swim and sleep at the same time.'

Or by recalling far more detail about an event that happened than you could remember.
 Did you wonder how they knew this or how they had time to observe so much of what was happening whilst seemingly just playing around and not being involved at all?

See, this is the thing about kids. They are observing and learning all the time! Even when it looks like they arent at all!

Kids learn best when they are engaged in something which interests them, whilst playing and when in a new environment or doing a new activity.
How is it that so many people have  been sold on the idea that sitting kids at desks, inside four walls, learning set subjects chosen by someone else for most of their waking hours is the best way for them to learn about life?

Kids need to get out there and LIVE in order to LEARN!

Here some pictures of us doing various activities inside and outside the home.

R enjoys sewing and is learning to make her own clothes.

Collecting shells and observing nature.

We love learning about plants.

Working as a team to build a wormery is so much fun.

Earthworms like the dark..... when I open my hand he tries to hide.

Two afternoons a week we spend in the library at R's old school, reading, creative writing and catching up with friends.
R loves animals and would like to be a Vet. She frequently fosters orphaned and sick animals.

Learning from others about animal welfare.
We are visiting family in UK soon. Where is UK?

Researching on the internet.

During school hours we get the park to ourselves. Plenty of space to practice wave boarding!

Where do eggs come from? .....
.....and what can we make with eggs? Pancakes! Yummy!

We celebrate Holi with friends.
Getting crafty.

We are regular visitors to the science centre.


My main aim is to expose the girls to many different ideas and activities. This is the age to explore and figure out what they are interested in. When a child finds a subject that appeals they run with it! Exploring deeper and deeper, learning all the time. In my opinion this is the best way for kids to learn.
We learn in all different places and at all times of the day. For instance we find that morning time is a good for practical activities, afternoons we chill out and watch tv or read books and evening the kids get an energy boost so they play out in the garden with their friends then go to bed early enough to allow an hour of reading/studying before sleeping.  This flexibility ensures that the girls always get enough time to play and rest which is so important for a growing child. It also helps them to tune into the needs of their bodies and respond appropriately. 
Another important factor in the learning environment is the people.
Kids learn more from what people do than from what people tell them.
 With this in mind I try to provide opportunities for the girls to observe adults in their work environment, and attend workshops. Also we like to watch other kids who have learned a skill eg playing the guitar, pottery as this offers ideas and encouragement to learn these skills themselves.
My girls also accompany me on my errands, for example when Im grocery shopping they read the list out to me, add up the costs, work out cheapest deals etc. When we go to the bank I show them how to write a cheque, pay money in etc.

 Every moment of the day becomes an opportunity for learning even when we are relaxing at home, the girls will reflect on the days experiences and one of them will usually come up with something funny or profound.
I wonder what today's little gem will be?

Thank you to Green Meadows Primary School, Darryl Pereira  (Reira group), Clinton Fernandes (, Welfare for Animals in Goa (WAG)  and everyone else who has helped me to provide a dynamic learning environment for my girls.

Most of all thanks to my amazing girls for never ceasing to amaze me with their passion for learning!


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