Friday, 27 September 2013

A visit to the UK

Its been a while since my last post, partly because I've been busy with having two girls at home with me now but also because we have been away. 
The girls and I took a 6 week trip to my home in the UK during which time we caught up with old friends and family. We had a fabulous time and have brought home some wonderful memories.
Spending time with family whom we rarely see allowed the girls to build upon relationships with their aunt, uncle,cousins and grandparents. Meeting up with friends allowed them to rekindle the close friendships which were made years before but have not been lost. The new memories made will hopefully see us through until the next time we meet and the girls will learn that true friendships never die no matter what the distance or time.
Our personal relationships and experiences should remain private so what follows is summary of the learning experiences we had during our trip. Experiences which had an impact on young minds and maybe will influence the future life and or thinking of my children.
Growing vegetables
Planting seeds
Gardening with their grandfather was a daily delight. The girls loved eating their own produce.
A huge hollow, fallen tree is super for imaginative play.

Meeting a pack of foxhounds.

Handling a piglet.

Feeding sheep.

Pony riding lessons.

Grooming a Percheron
Natural History museum, London.
Handling a Tawny Owl

Making clay tiles
Visiting a windmill.

Learning about honeybees.
From fleece to yarn.
Of course photographs are great for capturing the moment but what my girls have taken from their UK experience is a taste of a different way of life, a glimpse of life through another lens and hopefully a feeling of unity with those who are so far away physically but whom we carry with us in our hearts daily. 

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